How Jim
Got Here...

It’s 1999, and I work for a large financial services company based out of New York.

I’m arguing with my boss, Bill, my senior who has been in the business 32 years.

He wants me to sell a certain product the company is really pushing.

I don’t want to, because I know the product isn’t right for my client.

Our disagreement escalates, so we call one of the compliance attorneys in New York to find out who is right?

The attorney says, “Jim’s right.”

I can’t help myself, I’m gloating.

Bill stops on the way out of my office and says,

“Hey Jim, who pays for your nice office? Your assistant? Your computers? Your great parking spot?”

I say,
“The company does.”

So he says,
“Then, who do you think you should look out for?”

That night, I go home deeply disturbed about the implication that I should be looking out for the company, more than my client.

I vent to my wife, Mimi, who is brilliant,
strong, and supportive.

She says,

“Jim, you have to start
your own company.”
My real boss had spoken!
That’s the day we decided to start our advisory firm where the highest principle would be:


At Dew Wealth Management, we strive to connect the heart to every financial decision, treating each client like our personal family member.