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As an entrepreneur, you might find yourself at the center of a wheel with a great many spokes revolving around you. One spoke is occupied by your accountant. Another spoke holds your insurance agent. Yet another is for your estate attorney.


As you can see in the first illustration… each of these specialists work in his or her own space, rarely—if ever—communicating with any of the others. This leads to YOU being responsible for every moving part and unfortunately this can hurt the safety and security of your finances.

What is a Family Office?

A Family Office is when a wealthy family hires all the needed professionals to handle their wealth management as full time employees working only for the family. These wealthy families have a dedicated CEO who runs the entire office. Family offices are usually reserved for people with more than $200 million because of the payroll cost to create and maintain them.

I got an introduction to a family office CEO in NYC.

He was the son of the individual who created all the wealth. He’d been groomed to run the family office since he was a young man (and when I met him he was in his sixties!).

Old money. Big money.

He opened up his Family Office strategies and operational techniques to me. He even let me interview his Family Office advisors.

I came away with three key insights:
  • Every advisor in the Family Office was an A player, collaborating and coordinating their efforts in a way I had never seen before – not through a private bank, brokerage firm, or independent financial advisor.
  • Their tax, estate, and asset protection attorneys were highly specialized for entrepreneurs.
  • Since every advisor knows everything about the family, they can vet every strategy based on that in-depth knowledge.

We believe that entrepreneurs like you contribute to everything great in this world. You improve the economy, you create jobs, you innovate, and you give back. We believe that you deserve to


MAKE RICH REAL® means different things to different entrepreneurs. For one, it might mean flying first class or private.  To another it could mean taking three months off to travel Europe.  To yet another, it might mean having funds available to educate future generations or help causes they care about. The Entrepreneur’s Virtual Family Office® strives to MAKE RICH REAL for each entrepreneur’s personal desires and wishes.
When you MAKE RICH REAL® you can create freedom:

The FREEDOM to step into a life that most are afraid to create

The FREEDOM to know that even if you fail… you have a plan to provide for the future

The FREEDOM to reinvest in your business

The FREEDOM to make a massive impact through charitable giving

The FREEDOM to create new life experiences

The FREEDOM to be confident knowing that your family is protected even if something happens to you

The FREEDOM to say YES to life.

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