If you’re considering joining our team as our new IT Administrator, we’re sure you have a million questions about what this role is really like and what it’s like to work here. So, our Chief Operating Officer, Justin E. Crawford, recorded the 19-minute video below to do his best to answer those questions for you right up front and help you see more clearly into this role than you possibly could merely by reading a short, written job description. So, give it a watch. We think you’ll get more from it than you would through a 1-hr. interview typical to most recruiting processes. Then, once you’re done, keep scrolling to learn more about our company culture, including videos from both our founders and some existing employees.

Fully Subsidized Healthcare

Flexible PTO and Work-From-Home Benefits

401k Matching

No-Cost Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP)

Amazing Collaborative Culture

Fully Remote Opportunities

A Truly Unique Culture

By now, you’re likely aware that our company culture has earned us a Great Place to Work Certification and have read the comments from our employees on Glassdoor.com.

What drives these positive experiences is our unique company culture. The centerpiece of our culture is our 5 Core Values of transparency, collaboration, curiosity, visionariness, and our commitment to hustle to GSD. These are not empty platitudes as is true at many companies. Instead, they were defined in collaboration with our team to be genuinely descriptive of the culture here. You can read a more detailed description of those values in this document or watch the 3-minute video below to hear the founders, Jim & Mimi Dew, give an overview of them.

What Our Employees Say

Ultimately, there’s no substitute for getting a window into a new company than by hearing directly from some current employees about why they decided to join our team, and their experience so far. Because you’re going to be our first hire into this specific role, we don’t yet have any employees within our nascent “IT Department” to introduce you to. But hopefully, you’ll value the videos below to hear some stories from just a few of our Financial Advisors.

Ryan Cox

Sarah Waldren

Wes Leftwich

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